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In London!!!

Already have theatre tickets for tomorrow and Sunday!!!

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The flight and everything was good between Amsterdam and London.

Our "hotel" is an apartment. We have a two-storey suite with little mini kitchen, an upstairs bedroom, and a sofa bed with a trundle bed underneath. As I was willing to have no television for the night, I get the upstairs bedroom. Of course, my luggage stays downstairs, but I get the queen-size bed. Fair trade! (Both D and E wanted the TV.)

We checked out where the half price ticket location was, and we now have tickets for Jersey Boys tomorrow night, and Lion King for Sunday matinee. (Yay!)

I plan on going to the British Museum and the National Gallery tomorrow, and either Foyle's bookstore or the Globe theatre. I may leave the Globe theatre for another day, though. The rest of the time, I'm going to explore and take pictures. Even if it's not that nice out! They don't predict rain, but it doesn't look anywhere near the weather we had on our cruise. Oh, well - London is nice to look at even in poor weather! Pictures may not be as nice, but...

My iTouch is not cooperating with the system here. I can't get it to work, so I'll be off facebook again until I can figure things out. Probably can't.


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One Reichsmuseum = one happy Tracy

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Wow! Rembrants are more amazing than I remembered! Evelyn and I had a great time looking at all the art. Going early meant we could look at them without fighting hordes of people.

Although the city is flat and small, the cobblestone and brick streets are hard on your legs! I'm tired! Even so, I found Ann Frank's house (didn't go in though) and explored some more shops.

That's it for today! We fly back to London tomorrow. I shall get a pass for the underground there.

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Exploring the Netherlands

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Today we took a tour (by bus) of Amsterdam, but the city is really small enough to walk around. I think it may be a little bigger than Metrotown. (Ok maybe that's an underestimate.) It was still cloudy, but I only felt one raindrop around lunch time. It cleared up in the afternoon for our tour into the countryside. We visited a diamond factory (oh wait - that was still in the morning), a windmill village, a wooden shoemaker, a cheese farm (Gouda and Edam - yum!), and the fishing villages of Volendam and Marken (with a boat ride in between the last). Aside from the screaming baby on the bus, it was great, picturesque little tour, well worth the money.

Tomorrow morning I see Rembrandts, and then have time to explore. I have found two English book stores, and am in need of some new reading material. Apparently four books and two puzzle books is not enough for a 22-day holiday. At least for me.

I've avoided the red light district except for the busride but it was early enough that no one was in the windows. You can't avoid the...well...interesting souvenirs in the souvenir shops though!
That's it for today!

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Amsterdam - finally!

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We got in finally after 9:00 at night. The replacement flight was also delayed. A long time in the airport! At least dinner was free (actually 80p).
I have 30 minutes a day here on the Internet. This morning I stood line for about half an hour in the line for Van Gogh museum tickets only to be told it would be a two hour wait. I asked if there was another location to buy tickets and she very quietly pointed out a short line across the street at the diamond museum. Twenty minutes later I was in the museum. It was marvelous! Luckily my umbrella broke this morning (yes it's raining) so I had to buy a Van Gogh umbrella! I also visited the Hheineken museum lobby (I didn't pay 15 euro fir the tour).

Will write more later!

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Sitting at the airport...

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1 cancelled flight = 1 later flight to Amsterdam + 1 dinner voucher.

And extra time to enjoy the Gatwick airport!!!

At least the internet here is cheaper than that on the boat.



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