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Last night in Ottawa

Next stop: Regina

semi-overcast 20 °C

These past few days have been fun! Yesterday I went to brunch with the N's at their place and also met up with the O's who had driven up from Peterborough. We had a great time chatting and laughing. Then the N's had to go to a wedding so the O's and I then met up with the K's and we went in a convoy through the Gatineau region of Quebec to Wakefield, which had some great scenery for pictures: a lake, a mill, and a covered bridge we couldn't go on because there were two weddings on it. I mean two weddings at the same time. Someone in Wakefield double booked the site. It made for some excitement even though we couldn't go on the bridge itself. We went for ice cream. I stepped in dog poop. We discovered it on the ride home - my shoe got confiscated to the trunk and luckily they were shoes that were just about to fall apart - they hit the garbage when I got home. We are going to a Giant Tiger tomorrow morning, which is apparently like Woolworth's, so I may look for some new sandals. At least they weren't my new Tom's, and at least we were on the way home - and it made for some interesting stories!

After a nap for us all, the O's, K's, N's & G met up together again and went to Ottawa's first night market (think Richmond, but much smaller - but still fun to hang around, eat multiculturally, chat and laugh). After that, we went to the parliament buildings to watch Mosaica, a 40 minute show they project onto the buildings. It was unique, and parts were very pretty. It was raining slightly through parts, but still warm enough for it not to get us wet as it dried pretty quickly.

This morning was a vibrant time at church, meeting up with the B's as well as the aforementioned, and a chance to meet up with some people I've only heard about or seen on Facebook. Then came a lunch at the N's with everyone else except the B's, filled with lots of laughter. I am going to miss these people.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to meet up with my favourite cousin named Brad in Regina. I can't wait to hang out with him for a few days! It looks like we'll be heading to Melville, and he will be racing me home to Vancouver - me in a plane; he in a car. I think I'll win. ;)

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Ottawa continued

Shakespeare, thunder, and a town without birds

sunny 33 °C

Yesterday afternoon I stayed at the house while the K's went to Costco. I was glad I did because there was a spectacular thunderstorm that forged its way through the sky in an angry hour. Typical cat style, Oliver, who I ignore because I'm allergic, decided at this time to be my best friend. He tried to pretend like he was worried that maybe I was scared of the storm, but really it was he who was nervous. 

In the evening, Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra, comedy style, in an herb garden in Almonte (a little town stuck in the country) was deliciously fun. Especially entertaining was the ad lib that occurred between actors, audience kids, and a few audience dogs who wandered around during the performance. The nighthawk that flew by just before Cleo's demise couldn't have been more perfectly timed if it had been planned. 

Today we took an outtrip to Perth, a small town with drowsy Timmy's staff, a meandering, sleepy "river" (think stream), and streets lined with brick buildings, filled with gift shops, cafés, and, for some reason, lots of law offices. The river and surrounding park, with little footbridges and resident sunspot observer (complete with telescope and guided tour of the solar storms) was intriguing and led to some pictures. Ian Millar and Big Ben have a statue in the park as well. For some inexplicable reason, we noticed a complete absence of birds - no ducks, no robins, no chickadees, nothing. Weird. 

This evening, back in Ottawa, we went to a Mexican restaurant on Dows Lake, overlooking the ducks (they were there at least) on the lake and the wedding in the next restaurant. The restaurant was Guadalaharry's, and I would definitely recommend it. We then drove through Little Italy, noting the Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, German, and of course Italian restaurants along the street. 

Tomorrow is busy - brunch at the N's (also with the O's who are now in town from Peterborough), an outtrip into Quebec - Gatineau Park & Wakefield, the night market in Chinatown, and the light show at the parliament buildings. 

Time to go to sleep - even the crickets and toads serenading in the back yard are getting sleepy. 

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Thursday in Ottawa

Friends, friends, and more friends!

sunny 33 °C

I've already spent two nights in Ottawa. The flights were amazingly good - a window seat with clear skies over most of the flights except over Lake Michigan, so it was nice to read and occasionally look out. The flight from Toronto to Ottawa left about 15 minutes early and arrived 23 minutes early. I had my luggage well before my ride arrived!

Yesterday we walked around downtown through the market where we had some lunch, saw the locks for the Rideau Canal in use, then walked around the parliament buildings. Right in front of the peace flame, I ran into someone I used to work with at my last school, along with her family. I love those random, surprising moments like that! We didn't go to any museums and don't plan to - I know they're great here but people are much more important! (I don't think I'll be doing museums in Regina either, people being important there too!) We had a good visit in the evening with a few other friends that came over.

Today it's quite warm so our trip to the park may be put off - we'll opt for air conditioning instead. This evening, though, we're going to see Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra, done by an Ottawa theatre company, in a little town outside of Ottawa. It sounds like it's like Bard on the Beach on tour.

I think we may go to the night market tomorrow night after dinner out, and on Saturday some more friends from Peterborough will be in town, and we're heading into Quebec (Gatineau park and Wakefield, I believe) with them, then in the evening, we're watching the light show at the parliament buildings. Sunday will be church and lunch with even more friends.

Even though this sounds busy, ther eis lots of down time and time to read and just hang out. I'm quite enjoying my time! I do have my camera, but people are more important than pictures on this trip, so some will eventually be posted, but not in the quantity of some trips!

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Another upcoming journey

Ottawa and Regina

A new travel journey awaits Tuesday. I'll be heading out to stay and visit with good friends in Ottawa (and have no idea what they have planned for me!) until Monday, and then Regina for two nights to spend some quality time with my favourite cousin named Brad.

The camera will be my travel companion. (Well, the camera and several books. And, I suppose, other things one normally travels with, like clothing and other "essentials." What's more essential as cameras and books, though?)

Stay tuned!

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Last instalment of pictures (Venice, Amsterdam, and London)

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A man taking a picture of the Celebrity Equinox along the Grand Canal:
Along the Grand Canal:
Still along the Grand Canal:
Gondola practice:
Windows in Venice:
Venetian lamppost and building:
A man and his gondola:
Some Venetian church:
Sunset in Venice:
Sunrise in Venice:
This is not head cheese, but SLED cheese...in the round:
Moving in Amsterdam (note the lift & ladder on the moving truck, and the removed window on the building):
Multilevel parking lot for bikes:
A windmill near Amsterdam:
A rather conceited crane/heron, beak in the air:
Wooden shoes in the windmill village:
Three large windmills in the windmill village:
Two little windmills in the windmill village:
A pastoral Netherlands scene in the windmill village:
Quality time, Netherlands style (in a Netherlands fishing village):
Exploring a Netherlands beach:
Sailing in the Netherlands:
Jamming along the canal (I could hear live music, but couldn't place it; they were playing Elvis songs. He noticed me taking their picture!):
The cutest ever stick people in the British Museum:
The cutest ever cow in the British Museum (well, I took another picture 3 years ago of his just-as-cute sibling):
London punk, with a man looking on in dismay:
The Sherlock Holmes Pub Restaurant (we met the resident mouse in the upper floor restaurant):
Sherlock and I:
The Globe Theatre:
Inside the Globe Theatre:
St. Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge:
Tube time:
Mind the Gap (in some posh locations, the loudspeaker says, "Mind the gap, please." In other neighbourhoods, the loudspeaker just says "Mind the gap." Then, some have no warning at all.):
Tower Bridge closeup:
Tower Bridge, sepia:
The Arches shops (no, not the golden ones) near our apart'hotel:
Houses and birdies at Hampstead Heath:
Path in Hampstead Heath, just prior to the torrential downpour:

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